Yes, molestation incidents are on the rise. Yes, we have a new ‘sensational’ case every day. But we still haven’t gotten around to learning how to deal with the stigma attached to reporting a molestation case, and how to deal with it sensitively.

In this particular case, the girl, whose name is not known, even caught hold of her molester, who tried to kiss her. A certain Nikhil . But, alas, the Police in Connaught Place didn’t seem to think that kissing equals molestation. They even rejected her written complaint — THRICE . All this while the general public ogled at a vulnerable girl crying her eyes out.

His name is Nikhil and he tried to molest my friend – She was walking down M block (near barakhamba red light)…

Posted by Radhika P Singh on Sunday, 9 August 2015

Whoever this Nikhil person is, he needs a couple of lessons in how to keep his lips to himself.

The Facebook post says, ” It felt as we were the criminals and he is the victim… The police have even forwarded her number to this guys parents (they called her last night) and now she fears the worst (sic).”

Really, is this how the Delhi Police is helping keep women safe?