The new gender-swap Snapchat filter has been making some major waves. It's extremely effective at its job, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to put it to good use.

This is 24-year-old Troy Sey from Los Angeles. 

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According to Buzzfeed News, he posted his gender-swapped selfie on Tinder to figure out just how different his experience would be. This is his picture with the filter, which he lovingly named Tracy.

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In a span of 20 minutes, Trey got a 100 swipes. A 100 SWIPES IN 20 MINUTES! 

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He also wrote 'Compliment me for a surprise' in his bio. And sure enough, his inbox was overrun with hapless suitors trying their luck. 

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In regards to all the attention he received, he joked - 

It kinda made me wish I was Tracy instead of Troy.

He also added - 

I honestly thought it was obvious that I was a guy using the gender-swap filter, but to my surprise, I got so many genuine compliments. I’ve learned that if you put a bio up on Tinder like I did, guys will ignore all red flags for some potential 'surprises'.
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Nothing lasts forever though, and Trey had to soon let his poor matches know the truth. The responses ranged from shock to plain laughter, but most people seemed to have taken it in good spirit. 

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In fact, one guy continued to compliment him even after the grand reveal. Faith in humanity restored.

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Predictably, a large number of folks unmatched him once they realised they'd been played. That doesn't bother the man behind it all though. 'Tracy' is still getting hundreds of matches every day. Compared to getting a few matches a week as his actual self, this is a situation of its own.

Talking about the experiences women have on dating apps, he said -  

I've made a few longtime friends because of Tinder, whereas using it as Tracy, I can tell I won't be getting any of that. Just a whole bunch of dudes trying to get into my pants. I always knew it was happening, but it's pretty eye-opening experiencing it firsthand.

You can read the original story on Buzzfeed News.