Delhi’s water bodies are a sewage infested chokehold that shouldn’t be touched with a 10-foot pole. They don’t have to be though, and hopefully, they soon won’t be.


According to civil and environmental engineer Tarun Nanda, this is a wholly avoidable situation. The state of our rivers and lakes may be deplorable at the moment, but we do have the technology to offset some of that damage.


To that end, Tarun is on a mission to clean up Hauz Khas lake and build wetlands to act as sewage treatment infrastructure. He’s received permission from The Delhi Development Authority to go ahead with the project, and is now trying to raise funds through Ketto to carry out the work. All the donors will be posted on a notice board by the lake, and if they adopt an island they can customize it and have a name tag on it. 


Born in Britain, Tarun moved to India 7 years ago to learn about its problems and to try and make a positive change. He has designed and helped two NGOs succeed with this approach in two slums in Delhi, building two private wetlands. 


He believes that instead of waiting on our politicians to fulfill their duties and their empty promises, we should solve our problems ourselves.

Tarun’s fundraiser is called Adopt An Island – Hauz Khas Lake. You can donate here.