No wonder Bachpan Ka Pyaar received so much pyaar on social media. I know you are singing it right now. Netizens loved the song and went crazy behind it. It is also reel audio on Instagram. The kid was felicitated by Chhattisgarh CM.

So far, the video has garnered more than 82 million views and 6 million likes. 

Soon many celebs and influencers started remixing this song. Netizens started creating memes about it. 

Sahdev Dirdo, who sang the song in his school uniform, made this song popular. However, the story has more to it. This song, where everyone is jamming on it now, was originally recorded two years ago by Kamlesh Barot.


Kamlesh Barot recorded the track Suno Darling Bachan Ka Pyaar two years before it went viral all over social media.

He took inspiration from Hindi and Gujarati films about childhood love stories, where he got the idea of lyrics. The tunes are taken from an Adivasi song.   

Kamlesh is from Halol city in Gujarat. He has been singing for 20 years now and has done many live shows. He told Telly Talk he didn’t know the song went viral until a friend informed him about it. However, he hopes to receive the same support as Sahdev did. Now, let’s vibe more on this song. 

Now, let’s vibe more on this song.