With the temperature dropping each passing day, chai has become a necessity, a habit and everything in between.

So while we are on the topic, let us look at a very unique chai shop in Gwalior, MP, which is getting a lot of attention on social media. 

Named Kaalu Bewafa Chai Waala, this shop has a menu unlike any other we have seen. 

As you can see, he is serving pyaar mein dhokha chai (betrayal in love chai) for ₹5, premi jodi ki special chai (loving couple special chai) for ₹15, naye premiyon ki chai (new lovers chai) for ₹10, mann chaha pyaar paane ki chai (attaining the desired love chai) for ₹49 and akelapan chai (loneliness chai) for ₹20. 

So basically he has something for everyone, which is thoughtful. Also, I like the fact that the heartbroken people are being given concession. After all, there is no sahara like that of chai.

Anyway, he also claims that anyone who is fed up with his wife can get chai for free. This is obviously sexist and something the person running the shop might want to change.

Everything else seems to be fine, and we are guessing that Kaalu Bewafa Chai Waala will find a heavy crowd on Valentine’s Day.

I mean, these reactions seem to be in his favour.

100 marks for good advertising.