A gym trainer in Bengaluru killed a Flipkart delivery boy, with the intention of not paying a bill of Rs 12,000.

The incident reportedly took place on December 9 in Vijayanagar area where 29-year-old Nanjunda Swamy had gone to deliver a Redmi Note 3 to Varun Kumar, who works as a gym trainer. Kumar slit the former’s throat before hitting him with an iron rod and a flower pot, reports The Times of India.

The police recovered Swamy’s body from a lift shaft two days after the victim’s wife lodged a missing complaint.

b’Representative image | Source: PTI’

Around 10 days before the incident, Varun had asked his father, a mechanic, to lend him some money but he refused to pay saying that he didn’t have enough cash. Subsequently, he decided to take the extreme step of killing the delivery boy and get the phone without paying for it.

According to an NDTV report, Varun had kept his gym shut since the day the incident took place. The police, who arrested him on Tuesday, believe that Varun had hidden a kitchen knife in the gym a day before the incident.

The accused was arrested under IPC 3025 (murder) and IPC 397 (robbery).

The victim’s family will be given financial assistance by online shopping agency Flipkart, a spokesperson informed.

(Feature image source: PTI)