Lets face it, most news channels went nuts over the PV Sindhu match well before it began and for long after it ended. But one channel stood out for their dedication to covering the sport. Take a bow India Today

It was the only channel which had everyone playing badminton, because well that’s what Sindhu plays. So you had Rajdeep Sardesai playing badminton in front of an audience before moving into the studio. 

He seemed to see the ridiculousness of it all: 

But then came Rahul Kanwal. You’ve got to give him credit, he can ask a good question even while playing: 

And mysteriously his partner left him by the time he was ready to wrap up: 

The whole thing felt a bit like this: 


But with questions thrown in instead of song. 

Thank god for small mercies though. Imagine what would have been done, if an Indian swimmer had qualified for gold for an event like equestrian sports or swimming? (You can watch the clip here)