If you’ve been feeling a little unwell lately, maybe it’s time to plan a night out with your friends. Why? Apparently, according to a study, hanging out with your friends twice a week is beneficial for your health — physically and mentally!

The study also states that people who have a large circle of friends have lesser tendencies to fall sick and recover quicker than others from diseases/surgeries.

In layman’s terms, you get to hang with your bestie and not fall sick — sounds like a pretty comfortable deal to me!

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Researchers from UCLA came to the conclusion that women have a better coping mechanism which they’ve named ‘tend and befriend’. Apparently, females deal with stress much better when they’re around their friends. It’s mainly due to the release of oxytocin, which is commonly known as the ‘love hormone’. Our brain releases it when we do something we love or are around people we feel love for.

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Men aren’t excluded from this; their activities differ from women and something as simple as having a boys’ night can significantly reduce stress. The main agenda is to make sure you spend enough time with your friends.


“Hello, friend, do you wanna chill?”