We have really run out of explanations for why on earth there’s so much taboo concerning sex in this country!

The latest incident that is making us cringe is the amount of mockery and flak Gujarat Patidar leader Hardik Patel is being subjected to for a video that purportedly shows him having sex.

For two days now, social media has been abuzz with the news of an alleged leaked ‘sex CD’ of Patel. 

The fact that the CD has been leaked just ahead of elections in Gujarat is not lost on anybody. Because what better way to ruin someone’s chances of winning an election than accusing them of a ‘sex scandal’? 

Dated May 16, 2017, the video clip featuring Hardik Patel (unverified claim) with an unknown woman in a hotel room was first aired by local Gujarati news channels on Monday which has since blown into a ‘sex scandal’. 

Patel has termed it fake. In fact, he had predicted about 10 days ago that a “doctored CD” would emerge in public domain and called it a cheap ploy by BJP to tarnish his image. 

Political blame game

However, BJP leader Mansukh Mandaviya has denied party’s role and instead demanded Patel to file a complaint. 

“The BJP has nothing to do with Hardik Patel’s video. Instead of blaming the BJP, Hardik Patel should have filed a complaint,” he was quoted as saying by TOI

But things soon took an ugly turn when Ashwin Sankdasaria, former PASS convener and supporter of Hardik’s Patidar agitation came out in public alleging that Patel has a history of exploiting women. 

“I separated from Hardik as he exploited several girls, including a Patidar one. Hardik’s aides from Surat, Morbi and Rajkot also exploited girls.” 

“Hardik came to me in Delhi in 2015 with a girl claiming her to be his wife. He went to Manali and I have all the records and audio clips. If Hardik will not clarify now, I will produce the records in next four days,” Ashwin  alleged, as reported by TOI

But wait, what’s the big fuss even if it’s true?

Despite opposition and flak, Hardik has found support on Twitter with users questioning not only the authenticity of the leaked videos, but also defending the 24-year-old’s right to privacy. They are raising valid questions concerning consensual sex. 

As many users unite to defend one’s choice of pre-marital sex, one can only wonder, has time finally come to cut the slack around sex? 

(Feature image source: Reuters)