Daniel Radcliffe, the British actor, turned 26 today. He became an international heart-throb when he was 11-years-old and was chosen to play the role of Harry James Potter. The world of magic has influenced the actor in many ways. Here is the first interview of Daniel Radcliffe. At 11, he sounds so mature. And SO adorable!

“The best thing I could do is enjoy it because, there are so many worse things happening in the world so it is just stupid and quite selfish to just keep worrying about being recognised,” was Radcliffe’s answer when he was asked how he would feel when he will become the most recognised young boy in the world.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to celebrate your birthday, remember that, Radcliffe. Harry Potter without you may not have been as magical as it was for those ten long years. We are so glad that you were The Chosen One — The Boy Who Lived.

Have a blast, Radcliffe! Wishing you bravery, honour, wit and love on this magical day in which we celebrate your birth. You were and will be our perfect Harry! Always!

Feature Image source: Screen shot of Youtube .