The internet is both an intriguing and terrifying place. There is a lot of information to learn from. But there is also a lot of information that’ll leave you shocked. For instance, this viral Twitter thread that has left women absolutely horrified. It’s a thread where apparently, men are talking about how and when they start hating their girlfriends. Yep, you read that perfectly well. It has been initiated by an account named @sk1tguru, where they’ve posted, “That phase where you slowly start hating your girlfriend is crazy.”

Now you may be wondering, “What is so wrong with a bunch of men expressing their grief on the internet?” Or, “Perhaps they’re in toxic relationships and that’s where the bitterness is sprouting from.” But, that’s the thing, more than half of these tweets are so, so hateful and it makes you ask why anyone would stay in a relationship with someone they hate (or are irritated by) that much.

You can fall out of love with a person, or even grow to dislike them, but to let your contempt for them fester while you gaslight them or emotionally abuse them, instead of well, leaving, is just downright cold-hearted.

Well, here’s the original tweet that started this entire trend:

And here are the other comments on the tweet:

We’re just warming up, there’s more coming. Brace yourselves.

It seems, some of these people find joy in watching someone close to them cry. How unfortunate!

I think we’ve all severely underestimated how poorly men have been conditioned to deal with their emotions. To go through a relationship, holding in resentment for a person and waiting for them to end it, without resolving the issue like a healthy adult or simply getting out of the relationship, is such a huge and dangerous red flag.