Acne is every teenager’s worst nightmare and as a former teen myself, I can vouch for the trauma it causes. But believe it or not, according to a recent study, having acne as a teenager turns you into a successful adult. 

Be it better grades in college or earning more money at work, being a former prisoner of screwed up hormones can eventually be beneficial for you.

Med Scape

According to the research, over 90,000 people between the ages 7 to 12 were sampled and 15,000 of them participated in the study till they turned into adults.

The study determined that teens who had acne had higher grades in school and went on to earn more money as compared to students who grew up without pimples.


The researchers concluded that acne influences a teenager’s life and hampers their self esteem which makes them dedicate more time to their school life.

The study also added that the psychological toll seemed stronger in women as compared to men.


Don’t pop that zit!