In a major embarrassment to ‘Justice for Rohith’ campaign, a student leader at Hyderabad Central University (HCU) belonging to Leftist Student Federation of India (SFI), quit from the organisation last night. 

Raju Kumar Sahu, who continues to be the secretary of the HCU student union, has written a scathing letter against SFI and other political parties on the campus. He has alleged they are playing politics with Rohith Vemula’s suicide and are being opportunistic.

Vemula, a former member of the SFI who later joined Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA), hanged himself to death in January this year, after leaving a suicide note.

Raju Kumar Sahu announced his resignation on Facebook, where he also posted a seven-page letter.

We break down the content of the letter for you:

(All quotes from Raju Kumar Sahu)

  • I oppose the radical ideology of SFI and ASA and resign from SFI. I can not bear further it’s opportunistic political agenda and dividing ideology.
  • After and before the death of Rohit Vemula, I have seen the developments in the University very closely. I don’t feel shame to revel the truth here that some sections of University teachers are responsible for so called developments in the University just for their Political Gains. As per my understanding, the movement is massively funded by Congress, Left and opportunist forces of the country.
  • The politics of SFI are not based on principles but opportunistic. The process starts right from the selection of the candidates for union elections, where in caste and communal cards are played heavily. 
  • Probably, SFI did not find any utility with him (Rohith Vemula) through he was fully committed to the ideology and was an active worker. He was disillusioned and went to join ASA. It was very unfortunate that he (Rohith) believed in radical methods to achieve justice for the poor. According to me, SFI nurtured the feelings of hatred in him which he was displaying against to all others whom to be his enemies.
  •  It is also surprising for me that on one hand SFI states that it does not support terrorists like Yakub Memon but on the other hand plays opportunistic politics by supporting these people who organize Namaz -E-Zanaja in memory of Yakub Memon, wherein he has glorified as a martyr (Shaheed). 
  • The real losers of the entire game are none other than the common students, who have suffered in terms of placements. 
  • Reputed companies like Oracle have refused to come for the campus recruitment and, today the image of HCU is tarnished and the genuine student is having fears in mind whether to join university or not.