A few days ago, harrowing images of crowds chasing and clinging to a plane in Kabul in an attempt to leave the country had emerged. 
And few hours later, a distressing video showed two men falling to their death from the US plane. 
One of the people who died while escaping, have been identified as Afghan’s National footballer. 


19-year-old Zaki Anwari was among the few who were clinging to the plane that was leaving the Kabul airport. According to reports, he had ‘lost all hope’ after the Taliban occupied Afghanistan and thought his ‘dreams will die’.

Later, during an investigation for the reported deaths, human remains were found in a wheel well of the plane. 


According to certain news sites, The General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports of Afghanistan had first posted sharing the news, saying ‘Anwari, like thousands of Afghan youths, wanted to leave the country but fell off a US plane and died.’

This is both terrifying and heartbreaking.