Many a time, newspapers run headlines that one wonders how a person could write another person could approve. From sexist to insensitive to crude – here are examples of headlines that couldn’t have been written with too much thought or empathy.

1. Very recently, Malaika Arora was walking her dog when the media decided to scrutinise her attire. Next thing you know, the ‘news’ was on the internet with THESE headlines.

2. Back in 2019, economists Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee were awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize. They happen to be married to each other, so this is the headline that was run by a media house.

By the way, Esther is the second woman and the youngest person to be conferred with the award. 

This reminds me of the coverage of Frida Kahlo’s work in 1933. 88 years ago.

3. When The Sun decided to run this headline to reports Chelsea’s win. 

For context, Pernille Harder had scored a hattrick and one goal came off Cuthbert. So, this is how BBC put up the scores which also could have been avoided.

4. When Meghan Markle was pregnant with her first child, this is how The Daily Beast framed the headline. Sexist and insensitive!

5. Absolutely no words for this one.

6. We don’t know where to even begin pointing out the problems in this headline or how to figure out what the writer who wrote this was thinking. Or the editor who gave it a go-ahead. 

7. “Only” six children. Is that what they wrote?