The total number of coronavirus cases have crossed the mark of 900 in India. While the entire country is under lockdown, certain people like sanitation workers, medical professionals, police officials, etc. are leading the country in this battle.

This story of Ashraf Ali, in charge of sanitation for Bhopal Municipal Corporation, will give you some insight into their dedication.

Source: NDTV

According to a report by NDTV, Ali was at work, sanitizing homes, in the morning on 25th March when he received the news of his mother's death.

Instead of rushing home immediately, he chose to stay at work and finish his job.

Source: NIE

Talking to NDTV, Ali said:

Nothing more valuable than one's mother. After your mother comes your motherland, which is in danger. I came to know about my mother's death at 8 AM, but also had my duty to my country. I went in the afternoon for the burial but returned to work later.
Source: The Hindu

Such stories repose our faith in the government agencies, officers and workers, and give us hope even in these dark times.