There is a thing about being told not to do things. Then you feel like doing them more. 

You were not even thinking about it before, but then someone comes and tells you don’t do XYZ. Now suddenly you want to do XYZ. XYZ is all you want to do.

I am sure you know exactly what I mean, because with the spread of corona virus across the globe, health officials have been coming up with precautions and one of them is – ‘don’t touch your face’.

Which, I never knew, can be so tough. Neither did Dr. Sara Cody, director of the Santa Clara County’s Public Health Department. 

Times of Israel

During a press conference, she was informing people about the importance of simple measures like not touching any part of your face. 

Only to do this, a few seconds later.


Yahoo News

You can watch the video of the same, here:

That seems more like a matter of habit, than incapability of resisting a desire, but the point is – these simple measures are really tough to follow.

Donald Trump, for instance. Said this:

I haven’t touched my face in weeks. It’s been weeks. I miss it.

And then did this:

I mean, it’s not like Donald Trump is your go-to person to take inspiration from anyway. But this quite a human thing to do.

So human, that NY Times did an article on it.

NY Times

Now I have an itch to touch my face, f*ck.