An extremely distressing video of a COVID-19 patient has been doing the rounds on the internet. In the video, the 34-year-old patient can be seen recording a message for his father, telling him about his condition and the pain he is in. 

According to reports, the video was recorded hours before the man’s death. When the video was taken, the man was admitted in a government hospital in Hyderabad. 

India Today

In the video, the man can be seen with nasal prongs for oxygen supply, telling his father that he cannot breathe anymore. 

Am not able to breathe… Though I pleaded, they did not continue oxygen for the last three hours. I am not able to breathe anymore daddy, it’s like my heart has stopped…Bye daddy.
PTI / The Week

The father of the patient stated that after they were denied admission by 10 private hospitals, they had no choice but to take him to a government hospital. 

Why was my son denied oxygen? Did anyone else need it urgently and so they took it away from him? When I hear that video of my son, my heart breaks. 

-the father told NDTV

PTI / India Today

However, the hospital told The Hindu that the patient was on oxygen support but his heart issue lead to his collapse. 

He was provided with oxygen support all the time and nasal prongs were seen in the video. The patient suffered from a heart attack which was induced by COVID-19.

-Mahaboob Khan, Chest Hospital Superintendent

Sadly, the victim’s father watched the video once he completed his son’s last rites. The family of six are in shock over the hospital’s treatment of the situation, and even complained that even though the victim passed away from COVID-19, none of the family members have been tested yet.