Due to the ongoing pandemic, there are some families who are not being able to meet their loved ones, one last time to say their final goodbyes.

A heartbreaking TikTok video of a woman talking to her mother who died of coronavirus has gone viral. 


my grandma got coronavirus & is on her deathbed so we said goodbye one final time since we couldnt see her irl. 💙😭

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16-year-old Francesca Onorato and her family had one last phone call with Roberta Tately (Onorato’s grandmother) before she passed away after being diagnosed with coronavirus. She died three days later while the nurse was holding her hand.

81-year-old Roberta Tately, was recovering from pneumonia in a rehabilitation centre when she tested positive for the virus. 


Francesca Onorato and her family couldn’t visit Mrs. Tately in hospital as they couldn’t risk contracting the virus so, they decided to talk to her over the phone, one last time. In an interview with NewsTop, Onorato said:

We couldn’t go visit my grandma because we couldn’t risk getting the virus, so we decided to just call. During the call, my grandma was under morphine, so she couldn’t talk back to us. We knew she could hear us in her heart.

Onorato was heartbroken after seeing her mother bidding her grandmother goodbye so she made a TikTok video to record those final moments that will remain in their hearts forever. 


According to reports, when Onorato was asked why she uploaded the video, this is what she had to say:

I want people to know that this is reality. Those statistics you see on TV could be your family members and everyone needs to stay inside if we want this virus to go away quicker.

Onorato further said, her grandmother was a huge part of her life and she is still in a state of shock because she lost someone dear to her.  

RIP Mrs. Tately!