The aftermath of the Uttarakhand glacier burst has left us all in a state of shock. But this is felt especially by those who suffered it first hand.

While we might be able to make sense of it but the voiceless cannot fathom what exactly took place.
The disaster tragically costed the puppies of a mother dog who now desperately waits for them at the rescue site. 

It is during this havoc that a female mother lost her puppies. Heartbreakingly, the mother dog howls and cries while calling and searching for her puppies at the rescue site. 

Not just that, as per PTI, the mother is so grieve-stricken that she has not eaten anything ever since the disaster took place.  

She refused when people tried to feed her. The mother dog was seen at the site sniffing and searching for her babies even as the night took over. 

She stayed hoping that she’ll be able to meet her puppies again. 

It is during times like these that we wish the world wasn’t so cruel. 

Feature image – Arun Sharma/PTI