In a tragic incident, a pet dog in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh reportedly jumped from the window of the 4th floor after realising its rescuer had passed away.

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According to the Times of India, Dr Anita Raj Singh had found the dog in a poor condition 12 years ago. Infested with maggots and abandoned by its mother, Dr. Singh who was passing by, brought the puppy home.

When speaking with reporters, the doctor’s son, Tejas said,

My mother treated the puppy with utmost care and it survived. We adopted her and she became a family member.
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According to the report, Dr. Singh was suffering from a kidney ailment and was receiving treatment for it at a local hospital, where she passed away on Wednesday. Tejas said,

As soon as my mother’s body arrived from the hospital, Jaya started barking and wailing. She went upstairs and jumped off the fourth floor.