Even though the most vulnerable are taking all precautions during the pandemic, let's not forget that quarantine can be lonely. 

But there are some people who despite the quarantine are trying to make others feel special in these hard times. Here are some heartwarming instances which show humanity isn't dead no matter how bad the times are.  

1. Neighbours throw a parade for a veteran who turned 90 years old while maintaining a safe distance. His daughter drove him around and everyone held signs and cheered him from their homes. 

2. The grand kids of a 95-year-old grandma surprised her on her birthday with a birthday song, cake and banners while maintaining a distance. 

3. Israeli Opera singer Irit Stark sings to her father who is stuck in his apartment due to quarantine.  

4. Even in the gloomy times, this nursing home kept their residents happy with some cheerful indoor games. 

5. This granddaughter told her grandfather the news of her engagement while he was stuck in isolation period.  

6. Neighbours under coronavirus lockdown sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for an 80-year-old woman and placed a cake outside her door. 

7. A family surprised their 92-year-old grandfather with a birthday parade from a distance. They decorated their cars with balloons and banners to celebrate.  

8. While stuck in quarantine, this mother's best friends threw her the best birthday party one could ask for. They had a parade in their cars and honked in front of her house to celebrate her day. 

9. Telangana police celebrate the birthday of a police officer via sirens while they were on duty during Janta curfew. 

10. The neighbourhood celebrated and welcomed a teen home after she returned from her last chemotherapy session while social distancing.  

11. These teachers missed their students so much that they had a drive-by parade just to see them. 

The world is a happy place if we try to make it.