The Beirut explosion costed many lives and has separated animals from their owners, rendering them homeless or in need of immediate rescue. 

In the middle of so much panic and chaos, there’s a team that’s working tirelessly to rescue pets and reunite them with their owners. 

Animals Lebanon has been working with over 250 volunteers from all over Lebanon to rescue pets.

In one of their rescue clips, Animals Lebanon reunited a separated dog with its owner who came running to hug her. 

Animals Lebanon Instagram

The doggo and the owner are seen embracing each other after being reunited. 

Animals Lebanon Instagram

In another incident, the team made it possible for a cat named ‘Zoey/ Zouzou’ to be with its owner again.

Animals Lebanon Instagram

The injured owner was seen sitting in a wheelchair waiting to meet her cat again. 

Animals Lebanon Instagram

The owner shared that she had come calling for the cat at the same spot earlier but she couldn’t find him.

Pets are often seen cuddling with their owners as soon as they find their way back to them. 

Animals Lebanon Instagram

It is a happy moment for them to be together after what they went through.

Animals Lebanon Instagram

And, it is all possible because of this team working on the ground, rescuing, treating and reuniting pets with their owners. 

Till now, Animals Lebanon has reunited 90 animals with their ‘hoomans’ and are looking for foster homes for pets who are yet to be united with their parents. 

The team is also looking after animals whose owners have passed away or can’t tend to them at the moment. 

This shows that when people come together, everything seems possible.