Friendicoes, an establishment that has been working tirelessly for the past 35 years to help with adoption, protection, and treatment of dogs in the city, mostly for stray dogs. Now, it is calling out to people to help with the passage of the Animal Welfare Bill in the country, which will demarcate what animal cruelty is and what will be the punishments that will be meted out to violators. We have all seen and read about the cruelties against these poor, voiceless creatures and here is a chance to do your bit to make the streets a little safer for them.

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Friendicoes is calling out to dog lovers to help pass the Animal Welfare Bill in India. This number is toll-free: 180030005581. The call auto cuts after two rings, and is a kind of ballot where you’re in favour of the India Unites For Animals Movement. The initiative received 7,500 calls in the first hour- that warmed our hearts, by the way. 

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You pet and feed them and give them a little smile, that’s all you’ll ever need to have a dog fall for you. Unlike their human counterparts, your dog will the only best friend who will actually love you unconditionally, despite the flaws. So don’t you think it’s about time that we think a little about their kindred brethren too? Read the entire post here: