For the past few months, we’ve been seeing so many people lending helping hands to fight the havoc COVID is causing in India. And some of those hands seem to be by the Hemkunt Foundation, which has been working to provide oxygen cylinders and distributing donations tirelessly.

Hemkunt Foundation’s Community Development Director, Harteerath Singh has been working relentlessly to provide the COVID stricken with as much support and resources as possible. Not to mention, the foundation is one of the most reliable organisations you can donate to. The work that they’ve done (and continue to do) is remarkable and is receiving so much respect.   

And, the fact that Cosmo India has covered Harteerath Singh and the organisation’s efforts for COVID relief is an applause-worthy moment! In their latest issue, Cosmopolitan India has an illustrated image of Harteerath Singh on one of their covers as a way to recognise his contribution. Take a look at the cover below. 

The amount of love that they’ve received is so, so wonderful to see. Here are a few comments on the post. 


So much love and respect for them!