No kidding there. NYT is behaving like the Queen Bee of a Mean Girls squad that’s sure to pull you down no matter what you do, and it seems to be on India’s tail. All the time. Of course, right now it’s much more in the news for the burning reply TOI gave to their cartoon-based slur. 


But there’s an entire article that can be just based on how biased and oh-so-not-up-to-the-mark they are. They confused Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. 


Here are a few other instances where the NYT seriously proved they have a problem with India.

When Lata Mangeshkar did not qualify enough to be called a ‘Playback singer’.

NYT deemed it necessary, in the interest of clarity, that they prefix a ‘so-called‘ while calling the renowned Lata Mangeshkar a playback singer. Ellen Barry had back then clarified (read Whitesplained) how the term was not used as a commentary but as a way of introducing her to the non-Indian readers. Well, arbitrary much?


When they published a cartoon during the Paris Climate Summit.

This one showed India as the elephant blocking the track of a train marked ‘Paris Climate Summit’. When India and other developing countries chose to rethink the entire Green Climate Fund, because the cooperation of the developed countries was doubtful, NYT took the liberty to do this:


There was also the nasty dig at ISRO when it launched its satellite into the Martian orbit.

One of the proudest moments of the country, when Mangalyaan was launched by ISRO in a budget that can only be dreamt of, they made a cartoon out of it. It had India represented by an impoverished man who was followed by a cow, knocking at the door of the ‘Elite Space Club’ which was the US of course. We did receive a heartfelt whitesplaining apology that said how the image was descriptive of space now being a domain for the developing countries too, rather than just the rich.


For all your journalistic fame – not a job well done, NYT.

But it did not stop there, they went on to call the satellites launched by ISRO ‘Little Doves’.

Okay NYT, here is a rechecking of some really crucial facts:

(a) when an object is in space, it’s under perpetual free-fall. The weight of the object becomes pointless.

(b) 96 of those ‘dove-like’ satellites were from the Unites States itself. 

This is the moment you recall the Mean Girl analogy we gave at the beginning, thanks.

When they took it upon themselves to bash Indian athletes.

In Jan 2014 Olympics, there was yet another example of gross and biased journalism where NYT (very conveniently) made the claim that ‘easy access to legal steroids’ resulted in the regulators taking harsher measures regarding performance enhancing drugs. And it did not stop there, they went on to comment on India’s abysmal performance saying how the country had just ’26 medals in the 113 years it has competed in the Olympic Games’. This grossly overstated piece had no mention of the likes of Lance Armstrong, Serena Williams, sprinter Tyson Gay, baseball ace Alex Rodriguez and the many others.

Biased much?