Since the New Year is almost here, we're all probably thinking about what's to come next. Whether that's on a personal level or on a global scale. Because let's admit it, the pandemic came as a bit of a shocker and we could've used some sort of a heads up to be better prepared - even if it had come from an ancient text!

Source: indiatimes

Here's where Nostradamus' predictions could be of help. Nostradamus was a French astrologer and physician who is known for his book Les Prophéties. A piece of work that apparently predicted the future. Here's what it says will happen in the year 2022. Take a look. 

1. The book says that the year will witness a meteor strike and asteroid shower that might just end the planet. Nostradamus described it as a 'long trail of sparks' in the sky which is made of fire. 

2. The seer predicted that the world will see a rise in inflation which means the value of the US dollar will decrease significatly. 

3. He also prophesized that world hunger could suddenly spike due to armed conflicts.

Source: bbc

4. The astrologer and physician said that by 2022 artificial intelligence may rule and take over the human race.

5. The book apparently also foretold of a nuclear bomb explosion which will lead to climate changes and changes in the earth's position. 

Wow. We've definitely got our fingers crossed and wishing for a much better 2022!