Call it bizarre or clever, but a US-based company has just launched a smartphone that allows you to puff away while making calls or writing emails and chats. This unique device, named Jupiter IO 3, has an in-built mouthpiece linked to an e-cigarette cartridge, reports The Verge.

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How does it work?

The phone, made by Vaporcade and apparently the world’s first such device, has an opening off the top under a little plastic cover. If you attach a flavoured liquid cartridge to that, you can actually smoke right out of the phone

Watch a short video of the phone uploaded on the company’s site here:

The cartridges for the e-cigarette come in 30 flavours like mint, peach and coffee, and each one allows around 800 puffs – equivalent to about four packs of cigarettes.

Users can also use the Vaporcade app on the phone to track battery life, check how much liquid is left, know the flavour loaded in the cartridge and even how many puffs have been taken. One can also attach a hookah to the mouthpiece. 

Is it hazardous?

The company claims it has been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission. It insists that it helps you quit smoking as one can set a goal for the number of puffs, after which you get an alert.

However, conflicting scientific evidence on whether e-cigarettes are safe, remain. So you never know.


What’s the cost?

Right now, the 3G smartphone costs $299 (or Rs19,970). It runs on Android KitKat 4.4 operating system. The company plans to release a 4G model for $499 (or Rs33,328) soon.