After the extension of the nationwide lockdown by two more weeks i.e till May 31,there is confusion regarding the movement. 

Lockdown 3 saw certain rules based on color codes indicating the level of the Covid situation in a particular region. Now after the initiation of Lockdown 4, the guidelines are slightly more flexible when it comes to travel and commuting. 

So, here are a few questions we are answering for you regarding travelling and travel pass. 

Q. What is a COVID travel pass or an E-pass? 

A. An e-pass is a bonafide government issued document that will enable citizens to legally travel from one place to another. This pass can only be granted by the government or local authorities to citizens to allow movement of a few exceptional cases across and within states. 

Q. Who all can apply for travel pass?

A. Anyone who is stuck in another city or have a medical or a family emergency are allowed a travel pass. Each state has different guidelines to identify and grant permissions for emergencies.

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Q. How to apply for an travel pass?

A. To apply for an e-pass, one of the options you have is to apply through the central government’s ServicePlus website. The website is being used by 17 states in India to issue travel passes to individuals and groups. 

After selecting the origin state i.e. your current location, you will be redirected to the state’s individual travel pass application website where you fill in the requisite information, submit the documents, and then wait for your application to be approved or rejected. 

Q. What is an alternative way to apply for the travel pass? 

A. Another way to apply for the travel pass for interstate/inter-district travel is to apply via respective District Magistrates of the district you are residing in physically. Accepting or rejecting your plea depends on the athourities discretion. 

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Q. What documents are required to apply for the travel pass?

To apply for the pass, valid personal documents are required. Vehicle details in which you would be traveling along with a valid government-issued ID (Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Passport Number, Driver’s License). It is also mandatory to download Aarogya Setu app to register for the e-pass.  

Q. How to check the status of your COVID-19 travel pass once you have applied through the website? 

A. After submitting your request, you will receive a reference number. You can note this number and keep checking the status on the website. 

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Q. Where can you travel with the travel pass? 

A. Since intercity travel is permissible now without the pass, the e-pass can only be used for intrastate/interstate travel. 

Q. What documents do you need to carry while travelling once you receive the pass? 

A. Despite having a travel pass, it is mandatory to have your driving licence and car’s RC.  

Q. Does my travelling depend on what zone I reside in? 

A. Absolutely. Even if you have a pass, your zone determines if you can travel. If you are in a containment zone, you can not travel unless there is a medical emergency. But if you are in the red, orange, or green zone, you can travel locally between 7 AM and 7 PM without a pass. After 7 PM, movement is allowed only for essential services and medical emergencies.


Q. Can someone else use my pass instead of me? 

A. Absolutely not. The e-Pass is non-transferable. 

Q. How many people can travel in a vehicle at given time when you have the pass?

A. If you are travelling interstate, a maximum of five people will be allowed in a single-vehicle e-Pass & all are required to carry their respective ID Cards. But if you are travelling intercity, 1 driver + 2 passengers can travel in red, orange and green zones. However, only 1 driver can travel on a two-wheeler. 

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At a time like his, it is advisable to travel as less as possible. 

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