When we sang ‘Dhoom machale’ on the top of our lungs, nobody thought one fine day, two women performing stunts on a bike will be fined a whopping amount of Rs. 28,000. 

Reportedly, Ghaziabad police fined social media influencer Shivangi Dabas and wrestler Sneha Raghuvanshi for violating traffic rules among other things after a video of them surfaced on social media. 

In the video, Shivangi is seen sitting on Sneha’s shoulders while Sneha rides the bike. 

As per the same reports, the owner of the bike used for the stunt was also fined Rs. 17,000 while a challan of Rs. 11,000 was sent to Sneha Raghuvanshi’s mother. 

According to reports, both the women who took part in the stunt had recently acquired their learner’s license. While in conversation with News Daily, Shivangi shared that:

On Saturday, we had shot the video near Madhuban Bapudham and I posted it on Instagram, which went viral and caught the notice of the media. So, we are in a soup. 

Ramanand Kushwaha, Ghaziabad SP (traffic) also shared the challans were issued on various grounds such as performing stunts in public places sans permission, triple riding, faulty number plates, driving without a license, etc. 

Although, Shivangi in her defense, stated that they had chosen a safe spot for the stunt and was done just for fun. They didn’t know it would spark controversy. 


Not just the police, even their parents were not happy with this stunt. 

Well, looks like the two women are not having ‘fun’ anymore.