During this phase of the lockdown, the Delhi Government decided to give permission to about 200 liquor shops around the capital to stay open from May 4 onwards. However, this resulted in over crowding as people refused to practice social distancing. 

Source: MSN

In order to avoid such a situation, the government has started a token system on their official website where one can apply for a Liquor Purchase Token. 

Source: QToken

Here is how the process works: 

- Log on to the website - www.qtoken.in or https://www.qtoken.in/liquor/apply/ 

- Click on ‘Apply for Liquor Purchase Token’ button on the page.
- Type in your name and phone number.
- The e-token will then be sent to your registered mobile number.
- Take the e-token to the nearby liquor store, and make the purchase without overcrowding the store.
- Only 50 people per hour will be permitted to take the token according to the website. 

Source: Times Now

People in queues outside the store will also be given a token so as to avoid standing around for too long. At the moment, only 160 liquor shops in New Delhi are open for sale. 

liquor store lines
Source: India TV

Though this seems like a great way to practice social distancing, the heavy traffic caused by this announcement has resulted in the website to crash. Once you click to register, the website shows a 'server 500' error to many users.