When it comes to cricket, I believe there’s no fan in this world who’s as crazy about the game as I am. And, if travelling was free, nobody would ever find me again. 

So, when I saw people posting #CashTheGame on social media to win travel cash while watching a cricket match, I was bowled over by the concept!

I mean, this is the best way to bring together people, who love travelling as much as cricket.The #CashTheGame trend did exactly that! Social media was flooded with reactions from all cricket lovers and here’s what they had to say:

Jatin Sapru got super thrilled about his Goa trip right after RCB’s first match…

And, that was when I decided to investigate, and came across Sanjana Ganesan’s Instagram post… 

Masterji, boundary ek bilang choti kar do

But wait, where all do I go with so much travel cash? 

Baat toh sahi hain...The sound of travel cash getting credited to my account is unparalleled!

Come on, fellow cricket lovers! Download the Goibibo app already and fulfill your wandering lust!

Drake knows it too…

Intrigued, right? Here’s how the cashback works…

First, download the latest version of the Goibibo app and enroll for the Travel Cash Fest. Then, make sure your Goibibo app is open throughout the innings when KKR or RCB is playing any matches. 

For every 4 a player hits, you earn 4 Travel Cash and similarly, for every 6, you earn 6 Travel Cash. There are many cool milestones like Team 50 (+50 Travel Cash), Team 100 (+100 Travel Cash), dot balls, wickets and more. In case, the two teams are playing each other, you stand a golden chance of earning double. So cool, right?

Your travel cash gets automatically credited before 2am, after the match, and you can actually use the entire amount to make travel bookings on the Goibibo app. Now isn’t that amazing?

Sounds thrilling? Download the latest version of Goibibo app and get ready to #CashTheGame!

Disclaimer: Your travel cash is only valid till the next day. So, book your flights, hotels, trains and more before it expires.

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