Just about how many women are too many women? Well, as it turns out, according to the French Government, 11 women brought in by Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, for 16 top city jobs is way too much.

And, this is why the city of Paris was slammed with a nearly $110,000 fine last week. 

Anne had appointed women to follow the 2012 law that works to correct gender imbalances. She was, later, asked to pay the fine because there were ‘too many’ women at senior levels. 

This happened because, as per the law for which she was fined, not more than 60% of a particular gender can be appointed to senior civil positions in a year.

Although, this was modified in 2019 to avoid fines in case the imbalance tilted towards one gender and the overall ratio stayed intact. 

But the catch was that the mayor appointed these women back in 2018. A year prior to the amendment.

Today I am going to rejoice that we have been sentenced to a fine. It is with joy, shared with many others, that I learned last week that the city of Paris had to pay a 90,000 euro fine.”

-Anne Hidalgo

The mayor promised that she would personally pay the fine which almost amounts to $110,000 (which is about ₹80,77,025 per current exchange rate). This will be paid to the head of the ministry who charged the mentioned fine.