Donald Trump, the unapologetic industrialist, and the most probable Republican Presidential candidate, has famously been known to have a tendency to ruffle feathers. And this time, he had a war of words with the United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron. 

b’Image Source: Reuters’

David Cameron had, in the past, referred to Donald Trump as ‘stupid and wrong’ and his proposal to ban Muslims from the United States, ‘divisive’. 

In a recent report, the Prime Miniser’s Office confirms that Cameron stands by his “divisive, stupid and wrong” comment, and that he is not apologetic about it either. 

“The prime minister has made his views on Donald Trump’s comments very clear. He disagrees with them,” Cameron’s spokesperson said.

The comment has urged a pert reply from Donald Trump. No surprises there. 


He has also said that he is not stupid, calling himself a “Unifier” instead, something that, according to him, the current President is not.