On Saturday, a 22-year-old pregnant woman was murdered by her husband as she couldn’t make him perfectly round chappatis in Delhi’s Jahangarpuri area. Shockingly, this is not the first such absurd case of women being killed for not living up to their husband’s immaculate standards when it comes to food in our country. This is the 6th such reported case in the past three years. 

Here’s a look at other five cases where a husband has murdered his wife due to arguments over food.

1. When a man beheaded his wife because his food was too spicy.

A resident of East Delhi’s Madhu Vihar, the 40-year-old man, a plumber by profession, brutally killed his wife for making an extra spicy meal in February 2017. Indian Express reported that the husband, Subodh – who frequently quarrelled  with the woman because of his second marriage to someone else – hacked his first wife, Manisha’s body into pieces and stored her head separately.

2. When a husband killed his wife because he didn’t like the taste of the food.

In a state of inebriation, a man, Dinesh Singh, attacked his wife, Lalita, with an equipment used to harvest crops. the accused confessed to having killed her because he did not like the way the food tasted, The Times of India reported. The incident occurred in February 2014.

3. When a hungry husband was impatient for his food.

A man, Shivmangal Ram, hacked his wife in October 2016 after she delayed in serving him food in Bihar’s Bhojpur district. The woman, Durga Devi, was late in serving him food because she was talking on the phone, which angered the accused who killed her, Hindustan Times reported.

b’Representational image. Credit: PTI’

4. When the quality of food displeased the husband, he took out on the wife.

According to an Indian Express report, a 24-year-old woman, Geethamma, was murdered by her husband, Gopi because he did not like the quality of food served to him. The incident occurred in Bangalore in March 20, 2014.

5.  When a marriage ends in a grisly murder because of a dispute over food.

In April 2017, a man, who married his niece, hit her on the head with a pistol after she failed to serve him food at the scheduled time. Both residents of Telangana, the woman had married the accused amid much fanfare but it lasted only for four days, India Today reported.

Feature image source: Representational image/Twitter