In New Zealand, an unusual help from nowhere came to the aid of policemen who were chasing down a car of purported thieves for 90 minutes. 

According to a report in The Guardian, a policeman’s flock of 150 sheep being herded on the road blocked the way of speeding Honda Integra car near Central Otago region which was being chased by the local police after spotting it without number plates on Friday morning. 

The flock of sheep forced the speeding car to an abrupt stop, giving the police enough time to pin down the four people – three boys and a girl – inside the car.

Daily Mail reports police have charged the four with reckless driving, failing to stop for flashing lights, three thefts in relation to petrol drive-offs, and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.

“I started taking pictures right away but it was so hilarious, it was so funny, I couldn’t help laughing. The farmer herding them just kept doing his job as if nothing had happened and the sheep weren’t worried by the fuss at all – they carried on normally and weren’t aware they had become duty police that morning,” The Guardian report quoted Che Baker, a journalist who was at the scene for Fairfax media New Zealand.

However, what was surprising that the flock of sheep was owned by a local police officer. 

No police officer or sheep was harmed in the incident. 

Feature image source: Twitter