So, a jilted woman wanted to take revenge from her ex-lover. And she hatched a unique way to kill him – by blowing him into pieces using homemade bombs.

According to a report by the Indian Express, the bizarre incident happened in Palwal, Haryana where a 35-year-old Aarti made three live bombs using firecracker powder, nails, glass and stones in order to kill Rakesh, her ex-lover. For making the bombs, she took the help of another ex-lover Pradeep.

However, their unique idea couldn’t be successful as police came to know about their plan when they were being questioned for another murder case. On Tuesday, police foiled their plan after they found three homemade bombs at Aarti’s friend’s place. Within four hours, the bombs were successfully diffused by the police. 

 An India Today report says the duo started to make the bombs 15 days ago. According to the report, Rakesh had met Aarti in 2010. He had left his wife and children in order to stay with her. However, after six years, he left her and went back to his family.

Incidentally, Aarti and Pradeep had also killed Babu Lal who was Rakesh’s relative because he had convinced him to go back to his wife. Police have now arrested them and a case has been registered against them. 

(Feature image source: PTI)