Almost five years after a 23-year-old medical student was gang-raped and brutally tortured in a moving bus in Delhi, the Supreme Court has confirmed death for four convicts.

It’s a barbaric crime and it has shaken the society’s conscience,” Justice R. Banumathi told a packed courtroom as a three-judge Supreme Court panel threw out an appeal on behalf of the defendants. 

As per reports, applause broke out in court among relatives of the victim as judges explained that the crime met the “rarest of the rare” standard to justify capital punishment in India.

Parents of Nirbhaya welcomed the verdict of the Supreme Court

“I am very satisfied. Today I am happy,” the victim’s mother said. 

Her father said: “It’s not just a victory for my family, it’s a victory for each and every woman in our country.

Here’s how other prominent activists and politicians reacted to the landmark verdict