Even as banks attempt to recover Rs 6,203 crore from tycoon Vijay Mallya and his companies in the Kingfisher Airlines case, the erstwhile chairman of United Spirits has also had a chunk of his vehicle collection auctioned by United Spirits, a company he once owned. 

United Spirits now owns many of the vehicles bought by Mallya, which include vintage cars, and held an auction for many of them on e-auction site Quippo on January 18. A total of 32 cars were put up for auction and the models ranged from a vintage Rolls Royce-20HP to a Maruti Omni. 

United Spirits, which was once owned by Mallya, is presently owned by Diageo. 

“Many of the cars that were on the list weren’t sold. But all the cars that were listed for auction and that have received bids will have to be approved by United Spirits,” an official involved with the auction said on condition of anonymity. 

The official refused to list which vehicles had remained unsold, but the Economic Times reported the prices of many cars that had been sold. 

Here are what the final bids were for some of the cars put up for auction: