Remember the guy whose pictures you have seen plastered on all the news channels since Monday? He’s one of the lawyers, who was beating up JNU students and teachers who were present at the Patiala House Court. 

NDTV identified the man as one Vikram Singh Chauhan. 

Chauhan declared that the protest he organised against “anti-nationals” got out of hand as lawyers were provoked by JNU teachers.

“We asked them to vacate seats for elderly lawyers. They asked me for my I-card. I said you want to divide Kashmir and Kerala, they said they were never a part of India. They started hooting.”

Here are his views on the subject on Wednesday where he is back outside the Patiala House Court. As you can see being apologetic is not really his style:

Here are some of the pictures from Chauhan’s Facebook account where he is hobnobbing with the Bharatiya Janata Party elites:

b’Cover picture had to be one where he is hanging out with Rajnath Singh’
b’His current display picture’
b’Chauhan with Anurag Thakur’
b’And a poster where he features with Rajnath Singh’

PS: Despite all the video evidence against him Chauhan has still not been questioned, far from being arrested.