Donald Trump, being Donald Trump, retweeted a fake picture recently of FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly during a Twitter rant against the network as part of his daily online blitzkrieg against his enemies.

The long-discredited meme was posted by a fan which shows an altered image of Kelly posing with billionaire Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal and a woman in traditional Islamic garb that is supposedly his sister. The caption on the photo claims the Saudi billionaire is a co-owner of FOX News and ends with the command to “GOOGLE IT!”

Unfortunately for Trump, the Prince didn’t take too kindle to this accusation. 

Alwaleed’s tweet linked to screenshots and links of three news articles from Business Insider, BuzzFeed News and Yahoo News, in which the prince’s involvement of purchases of Trump’s property was documented.

FYI: the picture is likely a fake—it circulated last summer, prompting the fact-checking site to conclude that it had been doctored

Of course, Twitter responded with flair: