Only a Rishi Kapoor could think of an Award trophy as a ‘Door stopper’ for his house!

Given that he is a bit of a recluse, few had any idea of just how funny/whacky (take your pick!) he could be. But now, we’re finding out and honestly, we aren’t complaining.

Well Chintu ji, as he is warmly addressed in filmy circles, is a man with many shades. And one intriguing facet about the senior actor happens to be his quality of calling a spade a spade. Given how people in the industry are used to sweet talking each other, this is refreshing. 

After going under the radar over the last decade or so, he has slowly begun an engaging affair with the online world. The veteran actor is on a roll and if you don’t believe me then just check out his tweets. And you will get the whole seven course meal — from food, careers, politics and cinema of course — there is little that he misses out on.

Sample this…

He doesn’t mince words.

The beef steak threat!

You thought he would be jobless if you boycotted his films? Here’s his Plan B

He knows how to question celebrity double standards.

Oh wait! But he knows how to defend them for their rights too.

Chintskap as he calls himself online knows how to handle fanfare as well as vitriol — and both are dished out in equal measure. Of course, don’t expect him to hold back.

Talking of doorstops, in a recent interview to a DNA , Rishi Kapoor questioned the authenticity of the many award shows taking place in the country. Referring an innovative idea of using the many award trophies as doorstops at home. Well, that’s what he does with the awards that come his way.

Had it not been for his tweets, nobody would have guessed this side to the man best known as Hindi cinema’s quintessential Bobby other than being Ranbir Kapoor’s daddy!

Beware or Be Square!