A famous line by prominent playright William Congreve said “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, and a group of girls from a Delhi school seems to prove it.

In a school in Delhi, a group of girls stormed the compound and vandalised the property, forcing school administration to call the police to contain the situation. The girls burnt the carpets, damaged the furniture and broke the window panes. 

The incident happened on Friday at a government school in Delhi’s Karawal Nagar when about 15-20 girls went on a rampage. The reason? The school authorities threatened to rusticate them for repeatedly failing their exams. 

According to a report in The Times Of India, that the girls study in Class 9 at the school and were joined by their parents.

Watch the video of the aftermath of the violence:

A report in Hindustan Times said that the anger was a result of 600 students in class IX and XI failing in examinations, and students are saying that they have been failed even after getting compartment in two subjects, in which case students are considered pass.

School Management Committee member Sushlesh told Hindustan Times:

“The students were first protesting outside the principal’s office. But in no time, the situation went out of hand as a few outsiders entered the school, we had no choice, but to call the police as the students didn’t listen to us. The SMC members had to help the principal leave the school. She was terrified.”

A lawyer and activist Khagesh Jha told The Times Of India:

“You generally don’t expect them to react like that. But consider that for many girls from poor families, failing a grade may mean dropping out and marriage. Their career will be over. Parents are far less inclined to let girls stay on in school than boys.”

The police have registered a case of mischief causing damage at Karawal Nagar police station in Delhi.