Do you constantly feel the need to charge up your smartphone battery? Is your smartphone’s slothful attitude persistently bothering you?

If your answer to both the questions is yes, you might consider uninstalling the Facebook and Messenger apps. Yes, painful, as it might sound but Facebook is the most power-hungry app and the major culprit behind your phone’s slow performance.

The hugely-successful smartphone app has been hit with controversy this week after tests revealed Android smartphones can run up to 15 per cent slower when Facebook is installed, reported Monday.

Few days back, Android Central blogger Russell Holly wrote about how he had decided to delete the Facebook app and how he was impressed by the result.

This prompted one Reddit user, who goes by the screen name pbrandes_eth, to run some tests on the Facebook app for Android, using his LG G4 phone.

The tests involved launching 15 popular apps in succession with the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps installed on the phone, and then deleting the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps and launching the 15 apps again.

The result was a 15% improvement in performance when the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps had been removed.

Not Convinced? Try it out for yourself!