Healthcare workers have made numerous sacrifices during the pandemic. One such story is that of a 52-year-old doctor in New Delhi who lived away from home for almost 6 months. 

Despite working at the the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital which is only 13 km (30 minutes) away from his home in Kamla Nagar, he did not make the trip in order to keep his family safe. 

Indian Express

Dr Ajit Jain took his first leave of absence after working for 175 days at the hospital, to go see his family on Thursday. His two daughter, son and wife, overwhelmed with emotion, welcomed him home with an aarti and tilak at the doorstep. 

LiveMint / HT
Saving lives was the first priority. There was so much going on. I could talk to my family only at night, around 1 or 2 am. Both my parents are aged above 75. I was worried about them didn’t want to put their lives in jeopardy. 

-Dr Ajit Jain told PTI


Though he is back home now, the dedicated doctor has created WhatsApp groups and is in touch with his 1,500 patients who he treated during his stay at the hospital. His patients have his personal number and he often discusses the next step they need to take, and their anxieties about returning to the world with them.