Warning: Article contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

In one of the most bizarre and horrifying incident from Andhra Pradesh, a highly educated couple, conducted ritual murders of their two young daughters to rid them of evil spirits, believing that they would come to life again.

According to a report by NDTV, the girls, in their twenties, allegedly bled out on the floor after being struck with a dumbbell and a trident. One of them was found in a puja room in a red saree and the other was reportedly lying naked.


The mother, Padmaja is a math gold medalist and father, Purushottam Naidu is a PhD in chemistry and a government college lecturer. They have been arrested by the police but the fact that they indulged in such an act is disturbing to the core.

DNA India

While being taken to the prison, Padmaja was heard saying:

I am Shiva. It is from my body particles that Corona came, not from China.

When tested for COVID-19, she apparently also said that the coronavirus will go away by March without the use of any vaccines.

Indian Express

It was Purushottam who called one of his friends to inform them about their act, who alerted the police.

The ghastly act is being condemned on Twitter and people are clearly outraged.

The NDTV report also suggests that the entire family, including the daughters, believed in superstitions as inferred from their recent social media posts. Police is trying to investigate the incident.