Even with the latest technology like digital maps and GPS, guiding our delivery guy to the nearest landmark can sometimes become a task because even they tend to get confused and lose their way. 


But, one man’s innovative delivery address has caught the internet’s attention and has gone viral. Why?

Well, instead of giving his full address, his address on the Flipkart package read “Mandir Ke Samne Aate Hi Phone Laga Lena, Mein Aa Jaunga” which translates to “call me as soon as you reach the temple and I’ll come and pick up the package.”

 Isn’t that hilarious! The viral picture was shared by Twitter user Mangesh Panditrao

The picture of the package address was first posted on Reddit but, it soon went viral on other social media platforms and people haven’t been able to stop laughing at the man’s creativity ever since, for very obvious reasons. 

We have to admit, whoever came up with this idea is pure genius and the internet agrees too. 

Maybe, I should try this tactic next time I order something online instead of spending hours on the phone trying to explain my exact location. 

Love this Indian jugaad!