Donald Trump is “unqualified and temperamentally unfit” to be the next US president, his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton has said as she attacked the controversial presumptive Republican White House nominee during her and President Barack Obama’s first joint campaign appearance. 

“Donald Trump is simply unqualified and temperamentally unfit to be our president and commander-in-chief,” Clinton, 68, said during a campaign rally in Charlotte in North Carolina on Tuesday.

b’Barack Obama with Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, U.S. /Source: Reuters’

With Obama joining her on the stage for the first time, Clinton described what a presidency is all about.

“In America we put common interest before self-interest. We stand together because we know we are stronger together. That is the kind of president Barack Obama has been. He has made difficult, even unpopular decisions for the good of our country,” she said. 

“I’ve sat with him in the Situation Room and seen him make the hardest choices a president faces. He does it with steady, principled leadership. He’s a statesman, leading not just our country, but the entire world. It was his vision…,” Clinton said. 

b’Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses a campaign rally in North Carolina, U.S. /Source: Reuters’

“It was his vision and diplomacy that secured a historic global agreement on climate change, put a lid on Iran’s nuclear program, opened up Cuba, and rallied the world to curb the spread of nuclear weapons,” she said.

“I saw him go toe-to-toe with the toughest foreign leaders and to give the order to go after Osama bin Laden. This, my friends, is a president who knows how to keep us safe and strong. Compare that to Donald Trump. Can you imagine him sitting in the Oval Office…,” she asked the audience, who promptly responded with a huge “No” applause. 

b’Hilary Clinton launches a scathing attack on Donald Trump / Source: Reuters’

Clinton said her administration will rewrite the rules and crack down on companies that ship jobs overseas and profits to go with them. “Let’s reward the companies that share profits with their employees instead,” she said.

“We are going to defend and strengthen the tough reforms President Obama put in place on the financial industry, not tear them up like Donald Trump says he’ll do. We need to make sure that Wall Street can never wreck Main Street again,” Clinton added.

(Feature Image Source: Reuters)