One of Delhi University’s most prestigious colleges, Hindu College has been home to some of India’s brightest students. 


And this is how the student body decided to welcome their freshers.

b’Source: Facebook’

In the aforementioned poster, the word maal borrows the colloquial implications – drugs and a misogynistic way to refer to women.

The poster was first spotted by a student group called Pinjra Tod, and only after they featured it on their Facebook page did the news begin to travel. Obviously, people were outraged.

One of the members of Hindu college’s student body put out an official statement, in which he accepted that they denounced the poster and that it was in no way a reflection of their values. 

And he accepted that it was an ‘administrative lapse’.


He even went on to add that the body would take all necessary measures to make sure such slang was not in fashion anymore.  

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