“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle

This story will prove to you just how strong a true bond of friendship is. 

Pandit Ram Naresh Dubey, from Chaturbhata village in MP paid tribute to his long time Muslim friend, Syed Wahid Ali, who died three years ago in a road accident, by performing Tarpan.  


For the uninitiated, Tarpan is basically a Hindu practice where we remember our ancestors through special prayers during Pitrupaksha puja.

Syed and Pandit Ram were best friends since childhood. They were inseparable even as they grew up. But, unfortunately after the fatal accident Pandit Ram lost someone who was near and dear to him.

Pandit Ram says he performs Tarpan in remembrance of his late best friend for his soul to be in peace and so that they both are born as friends again. 


In fact, Pandit Ram has been visiting Syed’s family for the past three years and has also been performing special prayers in memory of his best friend. Wajid Ali, Syed’s son in an interview said: 

This is one of the best examples of the secular fabric of our country and the Ganga Jamuni culture.

Such a sweet and heartwarming story this is. 

Friendship is truly an eternal bond that goes beyond caste, colour and religion.